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Physical therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is care that aims to ease pain and help you function, move, and live better. You may need it to: Relieve pain. Improve movement or ability. Prevent or recover from a sports injury.


Psychological care

One of the main aims of delivering psychological care in our centre is to provide emotional care. The objective is to develop a close, safe and facilitating relationship in which patients or/and their partners/family may express, explore and share their emotional feelings. In setting up a support scheme, we consider safety and confidentiality as the most important aspect. A complete non–threatening situation is needed for this gentle, regular exploration of personal feelings. The approach, which emphasizes the central importance of actual scheme of psychological care, comprises of six elements (all undertaking by our Lead clinicians


Our Personal Statement:

Rehabilitation is potentially long-term and ever changing task. The work may be tedious at times, frustrating at others, but the rewards of seeing people living their lives to the full cannot be ignored or underestimated.


Elapop provides immediate help to individuals and families undergoing intense stress. During periods of acute physical and emotional turmoil, people often feel overwhelmed and incapable of dealing with the situation. Clients or/and may not be able to wait for a clinician or hospital appointment, or they may not know where to turn.

One form of crisis intervention is provided by 24 hours walk-in services, in our rehab centre, where individual receives immediate attention. There, are clinician and therapist helps to clarify the problem, provides reassurance, suggest or plan of action, and mobilizes the support of other MDT members, agencies or family members.

This kind of treatment is usually short-term and provides the support the person requires to handle the crisis at hand. Such short-term intervention often prevents the need for hospitalization.

Also, we have developed some form of special intervention to help who are undergoing period of neuropathy problems and severe stress, as well as specialized therapeutic  method to deal with stroke, diabetic drug dependency, alcohol abuse, child abuse, rape victims, battered wives and runaways.

The provision of services for youth on drug and alcohol misuse, adolescents with mental health problems and adult with general health problems is a concern. Therefore, at Elapop rehab centre, we are working with Ekiti Youth Focus Initiatives (NGO), NDLEA Ekiti, Kaduna and Kwara state, representatives of users and carers and all Ekiti and Kwara Local Government Councils in collaboration with their State Government, to develop a strategy to ensure access to effective specialist services and preventative interventions.

Our Primary objectives are:

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